The Smile Orgone Pyramid is specially formulated to lighten and brighten heavy frequencies in the atmosphere as it brightens ones’ outlook. Very inspirational to look at.  It consists of bright copper shavings at the apex, supported by lighthearted strawberry quartz crystals. This energetic cap filters down through the soothing white crystal mica granules at the heart of the pyramid. The base consists of a layer of cherry wine quartz and brass shavings which float on a bed of iridescent rosy red resinal mica.

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Spectrum: Copper is an excellent conductor of orgone energy. Cherry quartz crystals open the heart to love and understanding. White quartz and mica dissolve blockages as it soothes troubling thoughts. Wine quartz crystals intermingled with brass shavings assist in balancing heavy frequencies in the environment. Two Flower of Life medallions permeate codes of harmony. Powerful orgone matrix. Elegant ~ effective.

Approx. 3.5 inch base. (the larger the pyramid, the broader the range). Solid orgone matrix – packed to the brim with orgone energy generating ingredients. Comes with an information sheet and free gift.

3.5 inch base. 3 inches tall.

Benefits include:
* Decreasing harmful effects of radiation/radioactivity
* Enhance mental abilities and mental clarity* Increase resilience to stress
* Increase energy and stamina
* Reduce fatigue
* Induce restful sleep
* Increase sense of well-being
* Improve immune response
* Decrease inflammatory response
* Improve strength, balance

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