Recycled Incense Holders


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Reverend Nazirmoreh’s
Incense Burners

Artistic Recyclic Aromatic Manifestations

no two alike, different colors

recycling efforts…
in the direction of the Ascension…
one metal container at a time

Designed & hand crafted here at the Monastery using metal center cups and colorful/vibrantly painted metal, wood and stone bases. Clearly artistic – manifesting in a variety of shapes, colors, patterns & sizes (from 1” to 7” in dia.). The Reverend has designed them for charcoal resins & powders; cones; & long stick burning..

Please note:
All burners are illustrated within a light colored background with purple border around outer edge.

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LARGE -$12 (for jumbo sticks, sticks, cones charcoal), MEDIUM – $7 (for sticks, cones, charcoal), SMALL – $7 (cones)