Mandala Clock #2


Hand-painted “codes of creation”, works of art which cleanse and vitalize ones’ living space.

Ready for hanging.


Mandala art painted on 10 inch wooden plate – clock with second hand (AA battery included). Such a simple gesture, painting harmony. It ripples into your energy field bringing mental clarity, emotional stability, physical soundness. Into your living space encircling you with a sense of serenity, acceptance, vitality. And with the wind, this harmony flows onward, spreading seeds everywhere. An elegantly simple device, hand painted sacred geometry, from chaos to coherency.


In The Beginning was a circle of Harmony – Beauty – Love, and this circle was made fractal. Sacred geometry is the foundation of physical creation… continuously radiating frequencies of organization ~ creating levels upon levels of beauty and harmony.

See the beauty, experience the harmony. May all Beings be happy.

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10 small discs per pack $2.00, 10 large discs per pack $4.00