Rain Drop Orgone Pendants


Three orgone pendants to choose from

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Rain Drop Orgone Pendants

all pendants come with black cord, information sheet, purple flashlight pen

  • Green Tree of Life Orgone Pendant – This tree of life (roots grounded in the earth below and leaves embracing the heavens above) is superimposed on Ruby-zoisite crystals. These gemstones are a combination of fiery Ruby and earthy Zoisite (small red Ruby crystals embedded in green Zoisite mineral). It is a union of heaven and earth.
  • Golden Tree of Life Orgone PendantThis tree of life has interconnecting roots submerged in the earthy treasures of pyrite. It’s leaves spread upward to embrace a bright copper golden new day. Pyrite (a mineral which contains traces of cobalt, nickel, silver, and gold) is known for it’s properties of abundance. strength and stability. Gold and copper colors emanate qualities of richness, joy and a positive outlook on life.
  • Purple Bird of Paradise – This little peacock alights on a cushion of lapis gemstones surrounded by purple radiance. Peacocks symbolize vision, watchfulness, nobility, spirituality, kindness and compassion – all the qualities to transform dreams into reality. Lapis gemstones emanate qualities of success and prosperity.

Benefits include:
* Decreasing harmful effects of radiation/radioactivity
* Enhance mental abilities and mental clarity* Increase resilience to stress
* Increase energy and stamina
* Reduce fatigue
* Induce restful sleep
* Increase sense of well-being
* Improve immune response
* Decrease inflammatory response
* Improve strength, balance

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