Orgone Energy Drinking Water Charging System


Orgone/Shungite Charging Plate

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* The Orgone Energy Drinking Water Charging System effectively structures and energizes drinking water. Pour up to 16 ounces of water into the copper charging cup and place it on the orgone charging plate. Allow the water to charge for at least 5 minutes but no more than an hour before drinking. Most effective when the empty cup is left continually on charging plate when not in use. (Do not use with juices or other beverages.)

* The orgone energy charging plate consists of black shungite (an amazing mineral which blasts through and balances inharmonious frequencies), solid copper shavings, pure crystal granules and quality resin. The octagon shape enhances the harmonizing generation of orgone energy. A true orgone matrix. The orgone plate can be optionally polished with a touch of oil (such as olive oil) from time to time to maintain a shine – do not submerge (i.e. wash) the plate in water

* The 16 ounce charging cup is 100% solid copper (no nickel or stainless steel). It is an excellent conductor and receiver of orgone energy. The flower of life medallion on the front of the cup transmits beneficial geometric energy patterns into your water. Some sources report that drinking water from a pure copper cup strengthens the immune system, kills bacteria, improves digestion, enhances mental functioning, and more. Wash cup in cool water sparingly – being gentle around the medallion so as not to dislodge it from the cup.

* A perfect system for charging your drinking water with life and vitality. Light weight. Comes with an information sheet and a free surprise gift.

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