Mandala OrgoNight Aromatherapy Gel Candle


11 oz. candle

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Mandala OrgoNight Aromatherapy Gel Candle

…Light UP the Orgo-NITE…

burns for 30-33 hours



      • The OrgoNight Candle is an orgonite-type energy generating device. It is constructed using orgone pyramids embedded in polymer resin gel wax; quartz granules; assorted gemstones, metals, Lotus Attar Oil (known for stimulating growth and new beginnings); and a wire threaded cotton wick. Excellent for EMF protection, aromatherapy, beauty. Clear the air.

      • The orgone matrix embedded in the OrgoNight Candle continuously releases harmonious vibrations into the atmosphere. When burning – there exists an acceleration of orgone energy released into the atmosphere through the release of heat from the candle’s flame.

      • The Mandala consists of three mini 1” orgone pyramids (GEMSTONES VARY). The base of the candle contains a cluster of gemstone chips, metal shavings, and limestone solidified in a base of iridescent blue resin. Solid orgone matrix.

      • Once the wax has burned down, this orgone device remains very effective and beautiful.

      • 11 oz. gel candle. Burns for 30-33 hours (to extend the burn time – keep the wick trimmed to 1/4 inch or a little less). Most efficient if burned at 1 hr. intervals -1 to 3 times a day. (please monitor candle as it reaches the level of the pyramids).


Benefits include:
* Decreasing harmful effects of radiation/radioactivity
* Enhance mental abilities and mental clarity* Increase resilience to stress
* Increase energy and stamina
* Reduce fatigue
* Induce restful sleep
* Increase sense of well-being
* Improve immune response
* Decrease inflammatory response
* Improve strength, balance

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